Fiction for 7 - 11 year olds that love to be on the edge of their seat but still laughing.


A fairy who does not believe in girls, a pippin who wants to kick ass and a brownie who taught Lady Macbeth about being sweet are all ingredients that will demand a young girl’s attention. Sprinkle in that the fairy cannot fly and is also in danger of losing everything and pages will turn.Dragged out of bed on the first morning at her new job by Buxom Bertha Brownie, Fairy Luna is threatened with losing her home and occupation because a giant shoe has been left on the pathway of the Lost Property Shop where she works. Bertha is off to an important meeting but if the shoe has not been ticketed and placed in the shop by the time she returns, Luna will be out for good.


‘The Fairy That Did Not Believe in Girls’ is a comedy adventure story aimed at girls aged 7 – 11. With constant conflict and humour to keep the reader turning the page, the book invites children to explore loss while making it a fun and exciting experience.


Scenes include:•Flying to the marshes to get something from Professor Topple (Luna’s Dad) to sort the hound out in Carlotta, Mrs Topple’s (Luna’s Mum) invention.

•Getting an ointment off Professor Topple that will make the hound think that Luna is a cat and so will obediently follow her wherever she wants it to go.

•Finding a silver whistle on the ground when Carlotta disappears. A sprite tells them that the goblins have stolen Carlotta.

•Being arrested in Goblin Grove and flung in front of Grim Gordon, the goblin king.

•Escaping from Goblin Grove with a band of furious goblins after their blood.

•Thinking it is the end as she lies in the jaws of the dog.•Quarrelling with the giant.

•Choosing being savaged by a dog or believing in girls.

•Moving the shoe.

•The ground shaking as the builders move into Chancey Woodland Gardens as they renovate the house into a school for girls.


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The Fairy That Didn't Believe in Girls

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