A Spider in the Bed - English for Kids

Fiona sees a huge hairy spider in Freddie's room but he is too busy writing to listen. When Superhero Stan turns up to deal with the spider situation, we discover this is a spider with his own agenda.


How to use this video lesson.  Young children love repetition; it gives them confidence and it helps them to predict what is going to happen next. For young children that are learning to speak or children that have English as a second language, you can use it to teach the keywords - door, wall, light, curtains, floor, table and bed.

For children that are learning to read you can use it to teach them to read the keywords and hold them to memory because the words are said and also appear on the screen, this works very well if used in conjunction with phonics. It can also be used to develop the child's reading skills because there are repeated phrases that help with intonation. The spider has a mischievous laugh "Ha Ha Ha" which your child can enjoy reproducing while Freddie repeats "Not now, Fiona" in a distracted, bored or irritated way. Your child can experiment with how Freddie is feeling. This is a video lesson that your child will enjoy watching again and again whilst learning at the same time.

A Spider in the Bed English Lesson Video

SKU: 001
  • The file is a zip file. The video is a WMV. it is just under 15 minutes long.

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