July 31, 2018

Help for Anxiety Related Insomnia.

Anxiety and insomnia are both debilitating to live with on their own; however, when they join together they can ruin your health, looks, relationships and career.  Anyone that has laid in bed, unable to sleep, with a churning stomach that repeatedly sends a wave of nausea through them knows that it is indeed an awful situation.  To make you feel worse, you may start worrying about not being ab...

July 28, 2018

Cosmetics weren't rationed but...

Food rationing started in January 1940 and clothing coupons were introduced in June a year later. Even soap was rationed eight months after that. Cosmetics weren’t rationed but actually getting them was another matter.

In 1940, the Limitation of Supplies Order slashed the production of cosmetics to twenty five per cent of what it had originally been before the breakout of war. It was a purely pr...

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